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About Ojie Eghobor – Ojie4Hope | Brampton City Councillor
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About Ojie Eghobor

A long time resident of Brampton for over twenty (20) years. Schooled and studied both in Canada and overseas. He is a carrier marketer with proficiency in Marketing and leadership & Management enhancement in HND, BAS, HRM, BA, and PLDC.

A family man, happily married and blessed with three children, immigrated to Canada in the mid 90s. He has worked and held many and several jobs positions ranging from janitorial jobs, factory worker, truck driver, material handler, mail delivery and to managing human resources in leadership position and transitional business owner.

During this same period, he has had the privilege of serving humanity in several volunteering capacity ranging from a team helper to team leadership position, teacher of knowledge, manager of groups, to serving as a board member.

Serving through these stratum, with access to these wealth of leadership experience, Ojie Eghobor is running for city councillor, representing Ward 2 & 6 in the city of Brampton for the municipal election of Monday October 22, 2018.

The courses of poverty in Peel Region are among others, Youth segregation, disengagement and neglect from the mainstream cum family economic power marginalization and disintegration

What I intend to do about them when elected will include but not limited to
Empowering the youths and family economically by Strengthening our Local Economy

In the council, I will work to promote stable and empowering employment and quality jobs that will enhance economic prosperity for everyone through the following:

  1. Develop a better school-to-work policies for youths.
  2. Develop strategies to promote and improve formal apprenticeship in four sectors with high employment potential – e.g. Construction, Industrial, Motive Power and Service.
  3. Promote investment in employment programs that targets social inclusion; reduces poverty and help increase the labour force participation of the groups that face specific labour market barriers.
  4. Facilitate access to start-up capital, networks and markets, as well as providing development services for people trapped in low-paid jobs with intermittent work arrangements
  5. Establish partnership with entrepreneurs to provide entrepreneurship training and mentorship for young entrepreneurs
  6. Coordinate activities with networks of companies engaged in supporting youth employment programmes.


Ojie’s choice to participate in the municipal election is informed and motivated by his desire, aspirations and will to advance among other issues:-

  • Advocate to protect family’s interest and values,
  • Advocate and Promote Cleaner and Greener city
  • Advance the negotiation for a lower property taxes,
  • Advocate a micro analysis of the discriminatory higher insurance premium policies as applicable to Brampton,
  • Continuous advocacy for the youths and women empowering programs
  • Create and enhance the confidence of our children and youths,
  • Advocate encouraging programs that will lead to creation of local jobs,
  • Advocate for security measures and apparatus to managing city growth,
  • Better accountability, and transparency in the council in the manner that will raise the profile of our city to attract business investment nationally and internationally.

It is Ojie’s intention to share these ideas not just with council members only but the community and residents thereby engaging and involving all open channels of communication towards proffering effective solutions. Town hall and community meetings will be an engaging apparatus to achieving this. The time is now to actively engage the community in council decisions on what community want rather than shelving on the electorate what the council think they need without affording them the opportunity to make input on those decisions.

The task before us is enormous but we can and will overcome if you will allow me to be your advocate come October 22nd.

Ojie Eghobor, a seasoned marketer by orientation, a political administrator by design, a businessman by right, and an entrepreneur by calling. He’s the founder and President of Pearl Krea-cion (PK) Inc. a fashion designer and beauty outfit located in the city Brampton in the province of Ontario Canada and a prolific Business and Management leadership Consultant.

He had volunteered and served in the following capacities:

Ojie’s volunteering Accomplishment

Voluntary Community organising:

  • One team assistant General Secretary and Two team General Secretary of over 50 thousand membership, Nigerian Canadian Association (NCA) greater Toronto area;
  • Member Board of Trustee, Esan world Congress (EWC) with headquarters in the USA.
  • Executive member and financial secretary, Esan United organization Canada (EUOC)
  • Member and secretary general of UNIC Club of Canada
  • Executive member and Treasurer, Osun Descendants of Canada
  • Member, federal parliamentary campaign team of distinctions in Brampton Canada.

Voluntary Community Youth Engagement:

  • Minister, Great Grace Ministries International, A Canada based church, ministering to hundreds of thousands of people within the Greater Toronto Area and the world over
  • Coach, United sport club, a community youth soccer organization based in Brampton
  • Manager, All Nations full gospel church football club,
  • Founder and member, Toronto Lions football club,
  • Manager, House of Praise (HOP FC) soccer team Mississauga Canada,
  • Teacher children church, House of Praise, Parish of the Redeem Christian Church of God

Women empowerment:

  • Board and founding member, Magnnette Women empowerment, a non-for-profit organization whose objectives includes but not limited to:
  • Empowering and advocating for women/girls to learn and develop their social and economic potentials by providing educational and self sufficiency programs to new comers, women fleeing violence, widows, women having challenges with the law, and women/children with the aim to combat poverty.
  • To provide referrals services, advocacy, on campus tutoring, scholarships and mentorship programs that empower women/girls through education and ensure they are given opportunities to succeed in life.


Ojie Eghobor is a long time resident of Brampton where he has lived since his arrival in Canada, as a single man and now blessed with his family of five.

Despite his insurmountable busy schedule, Orange juice (OJ) as he’s fondly called by friends, gives and sacrifices his time to the development and enhancement of people and community by affecting and transforming one life at a time.

Evident from his record of community service and service to mankind, Ojie’s passion is to serve and serve, advocating for the less privileged, empowering and motivating other to succeed. Helping the less privileged, inspiring children and youth to know that they have the potential power and ability to succeed. He is gifted to inspire other with potential to succeed and to rediscover themselves in a positive light. Ojie’s encouraging challenge to others is “Never say you can’t do anything”

Ojie involvement with community youth activities has earned him the mentorship accolade among the many youth he has associated with and privileged to mentor, he has empowered many to transform their lives and given them rails of hope to approach live with a positive attitude that has contributed and still contributing to community safety each passing day.

Ojie’s collaborative initiatives and organizational involvement in community youth safety of redirecting and taking the youth off the street programs, and volunteering for numerous community initiatives has earned him the credentials of a tested, proven and trusted leader of our time.

In addition to serving in the various organization Boards and Committee in Canada and the world over, Ojie is the Immediate Past Secretary General of the over fifty thousand membership of the Nigerian Canadian Association (NCA) in the greater Toronto area (GTA). His tenure spanned through three Presidents.


To empower young people to improve their lives and the lives of others....

To have a community where all people (young, underserviced, less privileged, th...

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