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Ojie Campaign Speech – Ojie4Hope | Brampton City Councillor
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Ojie Campaign Speech

My name is Ojie Eghobor and I’m running for city councillor, representing Ward 2 & 6 in the city of Brampton scheduled for the municipal election of October 22, 2018.

I believe, with the challenges of  growth and property taxes, escalating youth violence and seniors at risk of being taxed out of their homes, Families neglected and abandoned,  Brampton’s most urgent need is a clear vision for the future and a balanced plan for growth and development.

I want to commend the incumbent members of the city council for sustaining the political administrative structure of the city council. However, I must make bold to say that the duties of the city councillors are more than sustaining the political structure of the council but to administer, set inclusive policies and represent constituencies.

Policies of Inclusiveness:

It is incumbent on the councillors to make policy decision that embody, embrace and reflect the multicultural diversity of the city and formulate policies that are geared toward meeting the needs of all race, gender, culture, religion of all peoples. Politicians, are dignified servant of the electorate, and are therefore elected into offices to defend and represent the interest of the voters and their constituencies. With the concept of modern marketing, applied to every organization for the need to satisfy their ultimate customer, so also are the political office holders to be guided by the needs and desires of the electorate.

The verity of the political marketing conceptual reality that is the bane of elections for representation has for long eluded the political frontiers due to the institutionalised deliberate practice of politicking and political correctness that has coursed elected office holders to parasite on the tax payers.

They have neither represented nor protected the interest of the electorate but their personal aggrandisement. This is what has plagued Brampton city council for the past few years resulting in the lingering financial and administration scandal, a distraction from the conduct of the critical business of our council. Now is the time to reintroduce and inject politics of normalcy, dedication and accountability in our council.


Youth Engagement and Empowerment

Our children and youths have been neglected and forgotten and no deliberate initiative has been taken to integrate them into the scheme of the society rather they are left to the whim and caprice dictated by the societal ills of the society.  Because the youth of today are the leaders for our tomorrow, no child should ever feel hopeless and helpless in the mist of abundance. It is and should be the paramount responsibility of our political leaders to provide programs and incentives that actively engage the youth rather than spending million of tax payer’s money constructing prison facilities to segregate and detach them from the society they need to influence and affect for the benefit of all.

I’m not in anyways indicting the system by insinuations, but the reality is our elected representative need to be responsible and accountable to their constituents. These and many other ideas I intend to bring to the council to chant a new course of direction to revamp the outdated traditional and fixated way of administering. Included in my agenda are priority programs that will focus but not limited to the following:

  • Family Economic empowering initiative through well paying jobs creation
  • Youth and community safety programs that carter for our youth and  keep them engaged to be beneficial to themselves and the society
  • Community Participation through and by consultative initiative on issue of mutual interest and benefit to the community
  • Security in the areas of community safety and protection through engagement of more police officer on our streets
  • No child should ever feel hopeless.I intend to be an advocate for the establishment of apprenticeship centers where trade can be taught and learned, gift and talent discovered and enhanced among the many young men and women that has resigned to hopeless faith thereby rekindling their hope of a meaningful, purposeful and a better life. In other word, transforming the youth correctional centre into apprenticeship and empowerment centre. We don’t need no prison in Brampton
  • Advocate for Property Tax Reform:
  • Engage negotiation on Insurance Policy reform:
  • Initiate programs that will Enhance Public Transit system: Why should high school kids be charged a fee to ride on the transit to library, movie Centre, Malls and City Centers? I think the parents are burdened enough with taxes and other household bill payment, and should not be worried about their children riding to be engaged within the city. High school kids should be given access to free ride to place of their interest within the city.

I will count on your vote on Monday October 22, 2018 to bring these desired changes to the city council where every family can once again be represented and be protected. We need new breed and fresh air in the council and now is the time.

Meet & Greet
Your Next City Councillor
A Man Of Such Inner STRENGTH and INTEGRITY that you can count on!
You Hold the Power To Protect Our Children's Future!!
YES, Please
Meet & Greet
Your Next City Councillor
A Man Of Such Inner STRENGTH and INTEGRITY That You Can Count On!
You Hold The Power To Protect Our Children's Future!!
YES! Let Me In