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A Woman’s place

We believe this program will afford the women to be the author and heroes of their lives. In addition to equipping herself with the necessary skills challenges to face the job market place, her most priced achievement will be her dignity, inner strength, hope and her place in the community with the recovering of her powered voice and become the author of her future, rather than the victim of her past

The Impact

It is evidently an undisputable fact that women and children are the most venerable and susceptible to societal ills. It is in view of this fast growing epidemic that helping each woman achieve self-reliance is the best long-term solution to this shocking fact

Employment is often the most critical missing piece for many homeless women trying to get back on their feet. This program intend to help women re-enter the workforce because we know a job is more than a paycheck. A job provide stability, safety and health for the women and their children and as we know, when you teach a mother to fish, her family will eat for generations to come.

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Your Next City Councillor
A Man Of Such Inner STRENGTH and INTEGRITY that you can count on!
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Meet & Greet
Your Next City Councillor
A Man Of Such Inner STRENGTH and INTEGRITY That You Can Count On!
You Hold The Power To Protect Our Children's Future!!
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