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Establish Council/Community Relationship

  • It’s time for our politician to start focusing on the critical and changing needs of the community. A process of involving the people’s participation in decision making and community participation.
  • I will work to make sure that a forum of dialog between the councillor and the community is created. In this forum, the community will be able to know, relate, interact and share ideas with their council representatives. “He who feels it knows it best” The community will have my listening ears.
  • A government that is family oriented and focus on the economic empowerment of the families.
  • Discussing the social and economic impasse caused by the high cost of living in Brampton, the rising cost of property taxes, the escalating cost of automobile insurance, and the social challenges we face.
  • Change the dynamic of our city management. Brampton has developed and expanded beyond the frontiers of a village. It has become a city with a growing population of over half a million residents and still counting.

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Your Next City Councillor
A Man Of Such Inner STRENGTH and INTEGRITY that you can count on!
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Meet & Greet
Your Next City Councillor
A Man Of Such Inner STRENGTH and INTEGRITY That You Can Count On!
You Hold The Power To Protect Our Children's Future!!
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