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Youth Empowerment

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. A better welfare and development of today’s youth will foster a hopeful future for today leaders that will be elders of tomorrow. Having the orientation that healthy families makes a healthy community that translate to a healthy nation, it is my intention to  advocate and encourage programs that will enhance the development of our youths and create in them the confidence to dear the challenges of the future.

  1. Establish learning centers (after school programs and daycare centres) for our kids and not closing them down
  2. Provide help and guidance to “at risk” youths to leverage their talents and opportunities to improve academic performance and test scores
  • Establish partnership with entrepreneurs to provide entrepreneurship training and mentorship for young entrepreneurs.
  1. Coordinate activities with networks of companies engaged in supporting youth employment programmes. This will provide vacation and holidays short term job opportunities for desiring students that will alleviate the financial (OSAP) burdens on them.
  2. Develop policies for better school-to-work policies for youths.

I will advocate for youth programs that will unite people that represent diverse countries, ethnicities, religions, race, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds from all walks of life and inspires them to grow as individuals and as leaders in service to humanity. These programs will be focused on categories of people including but not limited to refugees and immigrants, many of whom have experienced the worst of humanity: war, abuse, neglect, extreme poverty, child labor and gang violence. It is intended to be a safe place for these youth to heal, express themselves, share their stories and connect with a loving and supportive community. We need to make Brampton a welcome and embracing community to new comers and young immigrant that have the potentials of contributing and enhancing meaningful growth though encouraging and attracting investors and investments. It will empower all youth to rise up as leaders in their community and schools.

No child should ever feel hopeless. 

Over the years, I have and will continued to grow and develop programs and services based on identified needs in our community.

By means of arts instruction, I intend to advocate for the provision of varieties of out-of-school arts programs that will have the potential to empowering our youth to discover and release their latent and be great leaders in their endeavors. With the audacity and self-assurance, they will be inspired to ignite change in their lives and in their communities. This will create in them the desired courage to see the world with prospect and hope.

The youths will also be privileged to observe the values of Discipline, Practical Actions, conscientiousness and distinction as they construct their courage, self-esteem and leadership skills to take on life’s challenges.

Through the act of exchange and instructing their peers on what they have learned, they will be empowered to become agents of transformation in their communities.

Through encouragement that enhances kids involvement in all these arts – Visual Art, Architecture, Music, Dance, Drama, Literature, Fashion/Design and Gastronomic Arts – our youths will be exposed to gain and reinforce their voices and value at the same time exercising obedience, exploit, accountability and brilliance.

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